Mr. Shanmugasundaram (Shan) – Managing Director who is having a rich experience in this garment industry for more than 25+ years. Dynamic personality with updated industry knowledge with extensive global travel experience. A well-known social worker with trade councils and associations with awareness of corporate social responsibilities.


Our strength is our people. Our organization structure is filled with professionally managed people. Our quality assurance department consist of team specifically trained to ensure bespoke quality during and post production. State of the art technology and control techniques developed over the years have been one of the prime movers to our success. Goods are shipped only after final inspection from the quality assurance department.

We continue to invest in people, technology and infrastructure to maintain our standards. We ensure each component of the garment goes through a supervised channel. Shipping to over different part of the global destinations is routine therefore we cut, bundle, issue every component according to the buyers purchase orders. To control sewing quality and efficiency, we work on the assembly, line system and regular supervision is implemented to check each garment before it comes to final inspections. We operate a dedicated computer embroidery unit with the best machines and have taken surface embellishments of the garment to a new dimension. Enabling us to deliver a full range of washes and dry value additions.